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DO YOU SUFFER WITH pain and stiffness in your joints? Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States. More than 20 million people suffering from arthritis pain have severe limitations in living their daily lives.

Pain is a symptom telling you that something is wrong. Pain in one of your joints tells you that something is wrong in your body. Whether it be the cartilage that cushions your joints being worn away, causing bone on bone painful movements, or the joint tissues becoming inflamed, the pain of arthritis can be a life-limiting condition.

Arthritis is joint inflammation. There are over 100 different types of arthritis.

The most common is osteoarthritis, a result of trauma, infection or age. It is a degenerative joint disease.

It attacks the weight-bearing joints of the body.

It can affect a person’s hands, wrists, feet, knees, hips, and back.

Arthritis pain is chronic pain (lasting for three to six months…sometimes for a lifetime). Left untreated, arthritis pain can go on indefinitely.

Because your nervous system becomes “used to” the pain, it may become harder to treat.

The pain is due to inflammation that occurs around the joint as a result of joint damage from disease, trauma, wear and tear and fatigue.

The persistent pain from arthritis can limit your ability to work, play sports, clean your house, drive a car, dress yourself or go dancing with your mate.

Nearly every day in my office I have the opportunity to help someone, like your self, with pain from arthritis. Although arthritis is said to be incurable, there are ways to restore movement.


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  • Varied levels of pain
  • Swelling
  • Joint stiffness and difficulty moving the joint
  • Constant ache around the joint
  • Inability to use your hands or to walk
  • Poor sleep
  • A general feeling of being “unwell”
  • Muscle aches and pains

Before Treatment

Attempting to close fingers

After 4 Treatments

Fingers fully closed (Results may vary)