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The Back Force Transmission System

“Human anatomy is a consequence of function.”

The erect stance is possible because the force generated by the hip extensors is transmitted to the upper extremities through a variety of paths made of a combination of muscles and ligaments. When muscles contract, they produce a force that spreads beyond the origin and insertion of the active muscle. The muscle-skeletal system is a tensegrity of muscle and bone. The muscle provides continuous pull and the bones a discontinuous push. The forces between the bones and muscles are held in constant balance. This forms the basis for all of our physical mobility. (Timothy Wilken, MD, Seeking the Gift Tensegrity, 2001)

The two things a human body does most in a lifetime are opening and closing the jaw, as is talking and chewing, and walking, getting from here to there. According to Dananberg the average human takes two thousand five hundred strides per limb per day. (1) Locomotion is an activity that takes precedence over all other activities.

Drs. Serge Gracovetsky (The Spinal Engine) and Andre Vleeming (Form and Force Closure of the Sacroiliac Joint) combined to discover three muscle-tendon-fascial slings that serve to absorb and transfer the energy generated during gait. Attendees will be introduced to these mechanisms by which we walk, (by the way, the legs have less to do with gait than what you may think) and to the mechanisms by which the forces produced by spinal motion and of ground reactive forces propel the body forward in time and space. These muscle-tendon-fascial slings will be presented and their function appreciated. This course is designed to introduce the attendee to the marvel that is called walking.

The fascial slings taught in this seminar connect everything from the Toes To The Nose!

I use the application of the techniques taught in this seminar to address pain in the sacroiliac joints, the lower back, ankles, knees and shoulders. Once proper gait is re-established, the ground reactive forces (2 ½ times a person’s body weight goes thru the ankle joint with every step!) are properly absorbed and distributed to provide energy for the next step.



1. Dananberg, H. DPM, Gait style as an etiology to chronic postural pain, part II, The postural compensatory process. J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 1993, and personal communication.

“Regional examinations are totally inadequate when dealing with long-standing postural abnormalities or severe trauma.” Keith Innes, D.C.

I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you!

Thomas Liberto, LMT, NSCA-CPT

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