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Do you suffer with Neck Pain?

DO YOU SUFFER WITH symptoms of neck pain, trouble turning your head to look around, headaches, sensations of numbness and tingling down your arms? If so, maybe we can help!

Complaints of neck pain are very common. It has been said that two-thirds of people have neck pain at various times of their lives.

Your head weighs 10% of the body’s weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, the effective weight of your head on your cervical spine would be 15 pounds! This weight is supported by your neck and upper back. Gravity tends to exert a force on the head and neck that makes them fall forward, even when the normal person is in the erect position. The skull balanced on the spine is a lever system with the fulcrum at the atlanto-occipital joints and the center of gravity anterior to them. The counterbalance to the weight of the skull is the posterior cervical muscles.


Obviously, pain is the main symptom. Also, stiffness will result in decreases in Ranges of Motion. Headaches may also result from trouble in the neck area. Swelling, numbness and weakness may also be symptoms of neck involvement.

Usually, the symptoms come on gradually, but a traumatic event may cause almost immediate symptoms.


Improper posture, prolonged sitting at your computer, bad falls, auto accidents, taking part in sports and other factors will cause the muscles in your neck and upper back to tighten, leading to neck pain. Even a rotator cuff injury may result in neck pain. There are many other possible causes ranging from a “slipped disk” which is a herniated disk with a pinched nerve…to spinal stenosis which is a narrowing of the spinal canal which houses your spinal cord and nerve roots.

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