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Lateral epicondylitis

An inflammatory condition of the lateral (thumb-side) epicondyle of the elbow.

Also, it could be in the cells of the tendon itself, called tendonosis, which may result in formation of scar tissue. This leaves the injured area weak and painful.

Pain and tenderness felt at the area of the lateral epicondyle brought on by wrist extension with supination (turning your palm up) or pronation (turning your palm down) and is aggravated by gripping.

The cause is usually repeated minor traumas that strain the wrist extensor musculature at the lateral epicondyle.

Also known as "radial epicondylitis"

Symptoms are initiated by any repetitive or sustained supination especially with the elbow straight, or forceful elbow flexion when in pronation (palm facing down).

Aggravating Actions

Carrying a briefcase with the elbow straight, flipping the briefcase onto the desk (with the forearm in pronation), turning stiff doorknobs, wringing out clothes, ironing, unscrewing a tight jar lid, walking a dog, repetitive handshaking, washing the walls by hand, raking leaves.

CAUSES (Cyriax)

  1. Teno-periostial: Partial tear of the hand and finger extensor muscles which produces a painful scar.
  2. Muscular: Extensor carpi radialis longus belly.
  3. Tendinous: Lesion of the common extensor and supinator tendon. (especially extensor carpi radialis brevis).
  4. Supracondylar: Extensor carpi radialis longus along the supracondylar ridge. Also, triceps involvement.
  5. Reflex pain from cervical radiculopathy.

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