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The Liberto Therapy Approach


For over 45 years, I have been successfully treating people for relief of pain and helping to reestablish function in their sports activities and activities of daily living. I accept patients who suffer due to automobile, work and sports related injuries. Patients include people of all ages from specially challenged children to seniors. Professionals in the Sports and Entertainment worlds, as well as Physicians their families and staff, have benefited from my care.

“Thomas embodies what every professional should strive to be.

He has a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable. He has an open willingness to share the knowledge he has with others for the benefit of all and he gives a superior service that far outweighs the monetary compensation.

Thomas accomplishes all of this with a humble and gracious attitude. I strive to follow the example he sets daily. He is a true asset to our profession."

Kris B., LMT

For Out-Of-Town and COVID-19 Considerations


Online personal training is a virtual session with you and me delivered to you at home, work or traveling, over the internet using Zoom technology.

The Liberto Therapy Approach is focused on what matters, Your Health.

I will demonstrate, motivate and coach you through your training as I would in person. In each virtual Personal Training session, I will ensure you get a great workout and therapeutic results focusing on your specific area of complaint.

I will tailor each session specific to your needs. Whether it be for strength, flexibility or addressing your areas of pain and stiffness, I have a program suited for you.

Little or no equipment is needed. However, if you have your own weights, yoga mat or resistance bands, we can incorporate them into the session.